Meet the Team

We’d like to introduce you to our ever growing team of games room specialists and staff here at Home Luxury Games. So now you can put a face to the voices you hear on the phone and the e-mails you receive from us.


Roger Mike
Job Title: Sales Manager Job Title: Assistant Sales Manager
What Roger Does: Roger keeps the sales team happy by ensuring a constant supply of ice lollies, retro sweets and witty jokes. He has an expansive games room product knowledge and is also current holder of the Pineapple Cup.
What Mike Does: Mike seems to have been born in the wrong era, as his favourite films and music stem from the early 1970s. As a result, he is a true advocate for all things retro and loves advising our customers on the best vintage and retro products.
Favourite Classic Arcade Game: Defender Favourite Classic Arcade Game: Time Crisis
Favourite Classic Movie: Escape to Victory
Favourite Classic Movie: The Godfather
Favourite Classic Vinyl Track: The Kinks – Milk Cow Blues
Favourite Classic Vinyl Track: Simon & Garfunkel – The Boxer
meet-the-team-jonno-home-leisure-direct.jpg meet-the-team-home-leisure-direct-jess.jpg
Jono Jess
Job Title: Videographer Job Title: Marketing Supervisor
What Jono Does: Jono is responsible for creating and narrating all of the video content across the website and . He’s also a not-so-secret geek, especially when it comes to roller coasters, pinball and 90s game shows. What Jess Does: Jess oversees all of our marketing activity and helps run the website, making sure that our customers find it easy to use. She may look sweet, but she’s a dark horse and can be found at heavy metal gigs in the evenings.
Favourite Classic Arcade Game: Cirqus Voltaire Pinball Machine Favourite Classic Arcade Game: Pac-Man
Favourite Classic Movie: Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines Favourite Classic Movie: Nightmare on Elm Street
Favourite Classic Vinyl Track: Rats in the Cellar – Aerosmith Favourite Classic Vinyl Track: AC/DC – Thunderstruck
_________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________
amy-meet-the-team.jpg joe-meet-the-team.jpg
Amy Joe
Job Title: Accounts Supervisor Job Title: Accounts Apprentice
What Amy Does: When Amy isn’t in work organising our accounts, she is travelling the world and perfecting her dog-cuddling skills at home. What Joe Does: Joe, our youngest employee, has recently joined the Accounts Team to help organise all of our invoices and receipts. In his spare time he enjoys spending time out with his friends on his moped.
Favourite Classic Arcade Game: Tetris Favourite Classic Arcade Game: Sonic the Hedgehog
Favourite Classic Movie: Toy Story Favourite Classic Movie: Happy Gilmore
Favourite Classic Vinyl Track: The Jungle Book Original Soundtrack Favourite Classic Vinyl Track: Eagles – Life in the Fast Lane
meet-the-team-stu-home-leisure-direct.jpg phil-meet-the-team.jpg
Stu Phil
Job Title: Warehouse Manager Job Title: Delivery Service Technician 
What Stu Does: Stu oversees the organisation and co-ordination of products coming to and leaving Homeluxury Games warehouse. An avid cribbage player, he spends many an evening at tournaments skunking the competition. What Phil Does: Phil ‘The Thrill’ is the father of the delivery team, when isn’t driving up and down the country to install and deliver our products to happy customers he is immersed in a new DIY project and updating the team on his progress. 
Favourite Classic Arcade Game: Mario Kart Favourite Classic Arcade Game: Super Mario Bros.
Favourite Classic Movie: Predator Favourite Classic Movie: Goodfellas
Favourite Classic Vinyl Track: Stairway to Heaven – Led Zeppelin Favourite Classic Vinyl Track: Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
_________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________
gareth-meet-the-team.jpg dan-meet-the-team.jpg
Gareth Dan
Job Title: Warehouse Operative Job Title: Commercial Supervisor
What Gareth Does: Gareth is one of our able-bodied hands in the warehouse who can be found moving products to and from storage in the warehouse. Whilst Gareth is a fan of Sonic, his tetris skills are also formidable, meaning that his skills stacking of products in the warehouse is unbeaten. What Dan Does: Dan helps our commercial customers get up and running with the cutting edge of games room equipment by installing, maintaining and servicing all of our systems.
Favourite Classic Arcade Game: Sonic the Hedgehog Favourite Classic Arcade Games: Crash Bandicoot
Favourite Classic Movie: Stand By Me Favourite Classic Movie: The Guard
Favourite Classic Vinyl Track: UB40 – Red Red Wine Favourite Classic Vinyl Track: Bad Company – Bad Company
stu-t-meet-the-team.jpg matt-bw-meet-the-team.jpg
Michael Matt B.W
Job Title: Delivery Service Technician Job Title: Warehouse Supervisor
What Michael Does: Michael is our in-house Aussie and recently moved to the UK to join Home Leisure Direct. He can be found battling others on our racing games at lunchtime as he used to be a professional racing driver. What Matt Does: Matt ensures quality control and helps pick the best products to go out for delivery to our customers. He loves going to the pub with his mates and is always impressing the rest of the Warehouse Team with his Football Result Predictions.
Favourite Classic Game: Spyro the Dragon Favourite Classic Arcade Game: Knockout Kings
Favourite Classic Movie: Cars Favourite Classic Movie: Die Hard
Favourite Classic Vinyl Track: Frank Sinatra – I Get A Kick Out Of You Favourite Classic Vinyl Track: Guns ‘n’ Roses – Welcome to the Jungle
meet-the-team-charlie-home-leiure-direct-.jpg jago-meet-the-team.jpg
Charlie Jago
Job Title: HR Consultant Job Title: Head of SEO
What Charlie Does: Co-founder of HLD, Charlie keeps the team happy in mind and body through clear verbal communication and regular exercise. He doesn’t like to see anything go to waste and is therefore a dedicated freegan. What Jago Does: Stoic, refined, tasteful and elegant. None of these words apply to Jago in the slightest as he spends most of his days in the marketing office sprawling in uncomfortable looking ways or sleeping with his bed on top of him. We are assured he is still a very good boy though.
Favourite Classic Arcade Game: Duck Hunt Favourite Classic Arcade Game: Parappa the Rapper
Favourite Classic Movie: Beethoven Favourite Classic Movie: All Dogs Go To Heaven
Favourite Classic Vinyl Track: Duran Duran – Hungry Like The Wolf Favourite Classic Vinyl Track: Cracker Jack – Dolly Parton